Volrath's Castle Under Construciton

This website is under mad consturction.....that's right if you came here looking for some content then you are S.O.L for the time being! I applogize, I lost my old webhost and with it alot of development as well as all my old files. Well...I shouldn't say that I lost ALL my files, but alot of them that were development for the new Volrath's Castle. I still have the old content as far as RA2/YR maps go and all that good stuff, however that site was based completely on server side includes and I don't have support for that right at the moment. I hope to get something generic to replace the old pages up in the future, but I don't have a date set on that right now. Sorry for any problems I'm causing anyone.

Wow...I've seen academics complain about how tough they have, but boy oh boy have they not tried being stupid huh!? There's nothing here on this site, I have to reconstruct...how many times must I explain this!! Did you really expect to find some copyright or terms of use bullcrap down here? What the hell is there to take - the banner at the top? Okay fine, fine - I'll make one up now just for lil 'ol you. All content on this website is Copyright © Volrath's Castle 2001-2009 except where otherwise noted. If you take anything from this site and post it somewhere else to call it your own then you my friend - are a gigantic douchebag! Karma will hunt you down and force two big and grotesque ex-convicts to break into your room and have their way with you. Can't say what they'll do....that's up to Karma! Hows about them apples?